Database administration

Current production database on Heroku

The credentials are


Database: d1hlu2cr9ta2p3

User: ud6dfgef6bi48k

Password can be found on the database credentials page on Heroku

New production database on AWS

The credentials are


Database: cobudget_prod

User: cobudget

Password is currently only known by Michael and Juliana

Moving a database to a new database instance

  • Use pg_dump to dump the exsting database into a file

  • Edit the user name to fit the new database to be used

  • use psql to load the data into the new database

Example: Dumping the heroku database and loading it on AWS

First dump the Heroku database

pg_dump -h -U ud6dfgef6bi48k -d d1hlu2cr9ta2p3 >db_dump

Edit the user name from "ud6dfgef6bi48k" to "cobudget"

sed -e 's/Owner: ud6dfgef6bi48k/Owner: cobudget/' -e 's/OWNER TO ud6dfgef6bi48k/OWNER TO cobudget/' db_dump >db_loadable

Create the new database

createdb -h -U cobudget cobudget_prod

Load the new database with the previously dumped data

psql -h -U cobudget -d cobudget_prod <db_loadable

The load should be executed with no errors.

To look around in the database, use psql

psql -h -U cobudget -d cobudget_prod

In case something goes wrong, you can always delete the database

dropdb -h -U cobudget cobudget_prod

and restart with creating the new database.

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